School Zoning in Las Vegas

Now that school has let out for many of the students in the Clark County School District, it’s about that time where many families are on the move. Of course there are many items to consider when choosing the location of your next home. Whether it’s a home with a close proximity to work or a property that’s within a close distance to friends and family, school zoning always comes up as one of the top decision factors for my clients with school aged children.

Some of the school zoning boundaries can get a little tricky out here in Las Vegas. Although you might find a property in the same neighborhood as your previous house and even go to the same grocery store as you did before, often times you might find yourself just outside of your desired school-zoning boundary. This is why it’s a necessity to voice your school preferences with your REALTOR®.

I work primarily out of northwest Las Vegas and after servicing this community for years and years; I’ve become extremely familiar with exactly which neighborhoods are zoned for each school. So whether if it’s the first day of kindergarten or advanced placement classes for high school, I’ve been there to point my clients in the right direction.

Here’s a photo of Arbor View High School located in the Centennial Hills community. Located on Buffalo & Grand Teton, this school has been recognized for academic achievement for Clark County and is known for their top-notch football team! Lots of parents strive to have their children stay at the same school in order to maintain relationships with teachers and school administration as well as the trusted friendships that kids have developed over the years.

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